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Russell County School District

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Google Certified Educator

RCSD Google Certified Educators 

Certified Level 1 (** indicates both Level 1 and 2 )

Terry Anne Elmore- RCHS

Marnii Peel- RCHS

Darrin Jones- RCHS

Christy Coats- RCHS

Samantha Davis- RCHS

Eric Chamberlin- RCHS

Kelly Knoll- Oliver

Katrina Bussey- Ladonia

Susan Corcoran- Ladonia

Elizabeth Boyte**-Ladonia

Shavaun Franklin- Ladonia

Tesa De Young- Ladonia

Amy Coleman**-Technology Dept.

Megan Smith** - Ladonia Elem.

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 G Suite for Education Apps are best-in-class productivity tools built for teaching and learning. We believe as teachers become more proficient in the use of these powerful tools, instruction and learning will be impacted in a positive manner. Teachers may work to develop G Suite App proficiency during district or school site led trainings as well as through independent training courses provided through Google's online Teacher Center.

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The Level 1 status indicates that an educator is able to successfully implement G Suite for Education into their teaching practice in order to enhance teaching and learning. The Level 2 status indicates that an educator is able to successfully integrate a wider range of Google for Education tools and other technologies in order to transform their teaching practice.

Teachers, when you are ready to begin your training visit:

Once you have received the email showing your earned your certificate, please send documentation to so that the list may be updated.