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Russell County School District

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Health Services

Dr. Vivian Relf, Director of Special Services and Nurse Coordinator

Dr. Vivian Relf
Director of Special Services

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Health in Aging - Wellness & Prevention Tips

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School Health Program

General Information

  • Russell County School District's School Health Program functions to foster academic achievement in a safe, healthy, and nourishing environment. The program serves to:

    • Promote health and wellness
    • Prevention of specific disease, disorders, and injury
    • Assist students in need of health related services
    • Assist students at risk for health related issues
    • Manage and support students with special health care needs
    • Promote positive health and safety behaviors


    Program Services

    Health services offered in the school setting include:

    • Health screenings
    • Monitoring for the presence of communicable diseases and conditions
    • Ensuring compliance with immunization laws
    • Provision of routine and/or specialized health services and procedures
    • Medication administration for students diagnosed with a chronic or emergency condition
    • Case management
    • Health supervision


    Health Education

    Chronic and life-long conditions such as asthma, diabetes, anaphylaxis, seizures, obesity, and mental health/behavioral issues can impact the students ability to attend school and learn. 

    School health services focus on promotion of health and wellness, prevention of disease, and daily management of diagnosed chronic conditions as mandated by state and federal laws.

    Communicable Diseases

    School nurses provide disease surveillance, monitor immunization compliance, and work in collaboration with community and public health agencies.

    Medication Administration

    Students that require medications during school hours must have a completed School Medication Prescriber/Parent Authorization form (PPA) along with the medication in its original container. A parent/guardian must deliver all medications to the school nurse. All controlled substances are to be signed in and counted by a parent/guardian with the school nurse. Self medication is allowed only with specific medications. A PPA and Self-Medication Authorization form must be completed. 

    Scoliosis Screening

    Updated Scoliosis Guidelines from the Alabama State Department of Education and the Alabama Department of Public Health

    Scoliosis Guidelines were revised in January 2019. Schools in Alabama are required to offer and provide scoliosis screening for males and females in grades 5 through 9. The National Scoliosis Research Foundation estimates six million Americans have scoliosis. The goal of the spinal screening program is that children having spinal deformities be detected early and placed under medical care before serious disability and deformity occur.

    Some Russell County schools conducted screening in the fall. Those schools who have not conducted the screening will send a letter home with the student which tells when the screening will be conducted at their school and a permission form to send back to the school giving permission to do the screening. Please note: Forms not returned will result in student not being screened. Please call your school nurse if you have any questions.

Guidance for Corona Virus (COVID-19)

AHSAA Physical Form

School Medication Prescriber/Parent Authorization for 2023-2024

Special Meals or Accommodations Form

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