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Russell County School District

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Child Nutrition Program

Child Nutrition Program- Director- Mr. Vantreise Davis


Vantreise Davis
Child Nutrition Director


Child Nutrition Progra- Administrative Assistant- Mrs. Juana Bauerschmidt


Juana Bauerschmidt
CNP Administrative Assistant


Child Nutrition Program- District Manager- Mrs. Flora Williams


Flora Williams
CNP District Manager

“School Meals Build A Better Student Body”


The Russell County Child Nutrition Program’s first priority is to provide nutritious meals to all students of Russell County.

By providing nutritious meals and emphasizing good eating habits, we are providing an important means of improving the health of the students of Russell County. We further believe that children learn best when their minds are not preoccupied with hunger or when they are experiencing health problems.


Russell County School takes part in the USDA Free and Reduced Meal Program. Many students qualify for either free or reduced meals based on their family income falling within the limits set by the USDA. Students receiving these benefits are not overtly identified to prevent any embarrassment to the student or family.

Applications can be obtained at any of our schools. These applications can be submitted at any time during the school year. Additional applications can be submitted if family size increases or there is a change in family income. Only one application is required per family no matter how many family members attend school in the county.



This Institution is an Equal Opportunity Provider.