•    Russell County School District 

    Five-Year Strategic Plan 



    What is the Purpose, Methodology, and Implementation of the Russell County School District's Strategic Plan?

    • Framework for the direction and activities of the School District for the next five years.

    • A committee comprised of representatives from each school, central office administrators, parents, community members, and students.

    • The Strategic Plan will be reviewed a minimum of twice per year by the Superintendent and stakeholders of the RCSD.

    • Each school principal is responsible for including applicable objectives of the Strategic Plan in his/her school’s Continuous Improvement Plan.

    • Monitoring of the Strategic Plan will be the responsibility of the Superintendent through school management observations, district progress monitoring sessions, assessment data (local and state), employee evaluation, monitoring documents, etc.

    • The superintendent will provide a written report to the Board of Education mid-year (February) as to the progress and implementation of the Strategic Plan.