The Alabama Purple Star School program, established by the Legislature with the passage of Act 2021-7, recognizes the efforts of the K-12 schools in the state that are committed to and supportive of military students and their families, as they transition to their new homes and schools. The Purple Star School program was designed to help mitigate the challenges of high mobility by setting standards for and publicly designating military-friendly schools. This award recognizes schools that show a major commitment to military-connected students and families. Click here to learn more information about the Alabama Purple Star program or contact your school’s S2S sponsor or MSTA. 

    Congratulations to Russell County Middle School and Russell County High School for receiving this prestigious "Purple Star" designation!

    Military-Connected Families

    Welcome to Russell County, Alabama, where we welcome and support our military-connected families. We work diligently to support military families and address transitional challenges through the efforts of our students, teachers, counselors, school administrators, and our military student point of contact. 

    We are committed to partnering with you to ensure excellence in the education of our military-connected students. Each year, we create exciting opportunities to celebrate our military-connected children and their families with a number of special events. We highlight our community's Veterans,  by sponsoring Veterans Day assemblies, walk-a-thons, and parades; Month of the Military Child (MoMC) events, Military Appreciation Night at football games, service projects, and much more!   

    We are proud to offer on-campus MSTC (Military Student Transition Consultant), MFLC (Military Family Life Counselor), and the Student 2 Student Program, known as eS2S for the Elementary Schools, jS2S for the Middle Schools, and S2S for the High Schools.  If you have questions or need assistance, please contact the sponsor at your student's school.


    Military-Connected Family Support School Liaison


    Dixie Elementary: Mrs. Carey https://al50000445.schoolwires.net/Page/760

    Ladonia Elementary: Mrs. DeYoung https://al50000445.schoolwires.net/Page/756

    Mt. Olive Intermediate: Mrs. Blackwood and Mrs. Blount https://al50000445.schoolwires.net/Page/762

    Mt. Olive Primary: Ms. Torbert and Ms. Saia https://al50000445.schoolwires.net/domain/434

    Oliver Elementary: Mrs. Hill and Mrs. Overby https://al50000445.schoolwires.net/domain/460

    Russell County Middle School: Mrs. Aretha WIlliams https://al50000445.schoolwires.net/Page/765

    Russell County High School: Mrs. Ambrose and Ms. Clark https://al50000445.schoolwires.net/domain/359