Mr. Scotty Brooks

Phone: 334-468-5701 ext 65912


Degrees and Certifications:

B.S. Secondary Education (English and Health Science) M.S. Library Media

Mr. Scotty Brooks

Christ is my Savior. My family is my world. It is quite obvious that cycling is a huge part of my life. I also like guns and reading. French opera is a secret indulgence of mine. I stay physically and mentally fit, while struggling to understand the redundant Liftetime plots of man-hating movies. I love history and enjoy wood carving. My son graduated from The University of Alabama, married a beautiful woman, Anna, and now works in Huntsville, AL. My daughter graduated from Columbus State University, works in Atlanta, and holds my heart in the palm of her hand. John Steinbeck is incredible, East of Eden being the greatest book ever written by a single human being. Of course, it goes without saying that Batman is the best superhero. I try not to cry, holding to the strength of my tearless gender, but the Notebook kicked me in the gut. Nobody is better cowboy than Robert Duvall, and one day I will pack out and ride in Montana. Muscle cars make me giddy. I was a heathen in high school, but graduated with honors in college. The Army brought structure to my life, but my sweet wife showed me how to be selfless and love without bounds . . . she is my essence.