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    Oliver Elementary is a Pre-K-5th grade school with approximately 400 students. The school is located in Seale, AL. The community is a rural area with a population of 5,126. Local community businesses consist of a Post Office, a Convenience Store, Dollar General, Matthews Hardware, Mead Westvaco Paper Mill, various churches, Russell County Middle, and Russell County High School.

    Oliver Elementary is a Title I School whereas 70.4% of families are considered low income. The ethnicity of the student population is 0.75% Indian/Alaskan, 1% Asian, 45% Black, 2% Multi-race, 0.25% Pacific Islander, 46% White and 5% Hispanic. In recent years, Oliver's growth has been impacted by the military expansion of our local military base, Fort Benning, Georgia.

    The faculty and staff are committed to providing a quality education to every student. All staff members are highly qualified in their area of assignment and position. All stakeholders to include parents, students, community members, and partners in education play an important role in supporting the school to accomplish its mission and goals. The Foster Grandparents Program is an excellent support group to our school. This program consists of volunteers in several classrooms.

    Oliver Elementary has been described by many as the "best hidden secret in the surrounding area" because of the motivating, innovative, and pleasant learning experiences that we provide our children.

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