• Welcome to Dixie Elementary School!  We are a Pre-K through 5th grade school located in Russell County.  We have a close and supportive community and we welcome all of our new students.  We believe helping students and their families through transitions from one school to another is important. Our teachers place an emphasis on helping students transition by connecting them with other students, helping them learn about their classroom and school, explaining all expectations and rules, and connecting with parents through our communication system. Our eS2S Ambassadors welcome new students. They greet families and guests for special events such as Parenting Day, Christmas in Dixie, and grade level promotions. They are involved in special events for students, such as Kindness Week! We provide Parent Workshops each year.  These workshops address a variety of topics relevant to students and their families in elementary school.  We will celebrate the Month of the Military Child in April.


    Jennifer Carey